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Wednesday 24.02.21

Fitness: 1. OTMx14

Odd: 2 Front Squats

Even: 4 Back Squats

Load @ 65% of 1RM Front Squat

2. 15 Min AMRAP:

21 Wallballs (9/6kg)

12 Russian Kettlebell Swings (32/24kg)

15 Toes to Bar

12 Goblet Squats (32/24kg) Performance: 1. See Fitness

2. 15 Min AMRAP:

21 Wallballs (9/6kg)

12 Power Snatches (42.5/30kg)

15 Toes to Bar

12 Overhead Squats (42.5/30kg)

Sweat: 5 Rounds:

In 5 minutes:

50/40 Calorie Row

Max Calorie Bike Erg in the remaining time

2 minutes rest between rounds.


Log all workout results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Visit and use code "CFC123" to set up an account. If you wish to view our Weightlifting and/or Competitors programming contact us at to be added to the private group or you can follow on our Beyond the Whiteboard track.

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