Saturday 15.08.20


In 2 teams: The class is split in half:

Toss a coin, the winner can choose where they start. The First workout will be a 15 min AMRAP

Workout A:

Max Calorie Ski Erg x2

Max Calorie Bike Erg x2

Max Calorie Echo Bike x2

Workout B:


400m Wheelbarrows 40/60/80kg (on wheelbarrow)

40 Calorie Row

*Workout B has 3 different AMRAPs going on.

After a short intermission, the teams will switch. They will then chase down the scores on each piece of equipment or the 3 AMRAPs. The first team to chase down the other teams scores, wins.

Performance: See Fitness

Competition Club: 10 Rounds:

500/450m Echo Bike

5 Power Snatch 70/47.5kg

5 Burpee Muscle Ups

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