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Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Firstly we would like to thank everyone for such great adherence so far. Let's keep working together to stay safe. SIGNING UP FOR A CLASS

All classes must be reserved via Zen Planner:

-      If you do not have a Zen Planner account, contact You cannot reserve classes without an active account.

-      People regularly cancel so if a class is full, put yourself on the waitlist. You will get an email if you get moved into the class.

-      You cannot cancel a reservation within an hour before a class starts, this is to give people on the waitlist the chance to get here.  Please think of others and don’t take up spots to busy classes and don’t attend. SIGNING IN:

- Sanitize, then sign in before every class / every time you enter the gym.

-      Once the previous class has left / finished, the coach will instruct the next class when they can enter.

-      If you want to enter the gym before your class or stay after – you are able to do so as long as you sign into that period. Eg, if you arrive at 9am for the 915am class, you can enter the gym if you sign into Open Gym.

- The iPad to sign in is located under the eave on the city side of the gym so you don't get wet :) DURING CLASS:

-      There is no shared chalk, if you want to use chalk in workouts bring your own container and we will supply chalk for you. You can store your chalk at the gym. This will take effect as of Thursday.

-      All equipment must be placed back to its spot post workout and then sanitized.

-      All workouts will be conducted on your allocated area / pull up bar.

-      There will be no shirts off allowed.

-      Please bring a towel when training.

-      Please wash, dry and then sanitize your hands after using the toilets.

-      There is sanitizer all around the gym. If coughing or unsure, feel free to use it.


-      Make sure everything you touched has been put away, and then sanitized. (Except plates, the coaches will sanitize these).

-      Please exit from one of the side doors to avoid going past a large group of people coming into the next class.

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