• Jason

Tuesday 06.02.18

CrossFit Kids kicks off this Wednesday at 3.45pm - $135 for the term

Well done to the boys who competed in Battle of the Southwest on the weekend: Mitch Bell: 5th in Intermediate Sean Sweeney: 13th in RX Manasseh Gudgeon: 5th in RX Massive efforts!

In teams of 3: 1 Person working at a time for Max Reps 3 minutes work per movement, 1 minute rest between. 1. Prowler Push and Pull 9m Shuttle 120/90kg 2. Airbike Calories 3. Legless Rope Climbs 15ft 4. 100m Run Gymnastics: Skin the Cat and Upper Body Pulling Strength Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use code CFC123 to join.

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