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Timetable, Christmas Party and CrossFit Kids

Timetable Update: With 69% of people voting to keep our current timetable at this stage it will remain.

We have had some suggestions for an:

- Endurance Class - Strongman Class - Morning Weightlifting Class If you would be interested in any of these classes make sure you submit your interest and email in.


Christmas Party and end of year awards! We are getting close to that time of year again! Time to start thinking about your voting for end of year awards.

The categories are: 1. Most Improved - Coaches Choice (Male and Female) 2. Most Improved - People's Choice (Male and Female) Who do you think over the last year has improved the most? 3. Community Award - (Male and Female) Who do you think has the biggest positive influence on the Community? 4. Dummy Spit Award: With Dusty now gone to Amsterdam to calm himself with some natural herb and Mitch galavanting around in Europe, this is probably the most open year ever of Dummy Spit. Who's the person who really loses the plot on a regular basis? We are also looking for ideas on the Christmas Party! Some suggestions so far: 1. Outdoor BBQ, drinks and games like usual. 2. Boat party 3. Full Moon Party in Thailand 4. Anything as long as there is Spikeball involved If you have any killer ideas please let us know.


Our CrossFit kids classes are now open for registration!

Our CrossFit Kids class will be a completely different program to our adult program, with the main focus being having fun, improving less technical movements and a high competence of skill before any loading. Classes will comprise of basic movements patterns and short, play based workouts to get kids moving, learning about their bodies and having fun! Recommended ages are 5-12 however feel free to chat to me if you have a child outside of these ranges who wants to be involved. Generally if they are at the lower end of the age spectrum they want to be relatively focused and have good hand eye coordination. If they are at the higher end they will want to enjoy play based movement and not mind training with some younger kids. This class can also act a bridging class or 'foundations class' for some teens who are interested in doing CrossFit but haven't quite mastered some of the movements yet. Our classes will run from 3.45 - 4.30pm on Monday and Wednesday's beginning Monday the 16th of October and run for the remainder of the school term (9 weeks).

Fees for the term will be: $135 for 1 class a week $225 for 2 classes a week Additional siblings will receive a 10% discount. Spaces will be limited so please contact me at jason@crossfitclaremont.com.au if you wish for your kid/s to join. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.

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