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Wild Goats Program Info and FAQs

Hi crew, hopefully we have all seen the post about the upcoming program here: https://www.crossfitclaremont.com.au/post/moving-forward-wild-goats-program

The feedback we have had is awesome and we are super excited to get it going.

Below we are going to provide some general information, terms and conditions, and explain how the draft will work. If you have any other questions, please contact me. 1. The list of people who have expressed their desire to join the program are listed below. If you are not on that list or categorised incorrectly you need to contact me ASAP. Please check, if I have made a mistake once the draft is completed you will be without equipment. If you want to get involved you must let me know now, as once the equipment is drafted we will have no more to give. Everyone on the Draft list is agreeing to enter the $50 a week program, which entitles you to equipment, and access to all the workout options. 2. The draft will work by placing everyone into a random order generator and thus creating an order. Pick 1 gets first pick of the first round and last pick of the second round and it will continue in that fashion until all the equipment is gone. I will update the Google Doc as picks are taken so you will be able to see what equipment is left. I will call you individually so you can make your selection. If you won't be available for contact tomorrow by your listed phone number please inform me of your preferences by email before tomorrow. There will be someone who gets last pick. This is difficult I know, but this is the fairest system I can think of. This is an unfortunate situation, we are all just trying to do our best. 3. Some rubber floor mats will be available, and they will not count as a draft pick.

4. Once you make your first pick of equipment, you have agreed to be part of the program. You will sign a legally binding contract that includes: - You are in the program for the entire duration. There is no pausing your membership, as you have our equipment. The only way to exit the agreement is to have myself agree, witness and sign to you transferring your equipment to another person. it's not fair you pull out, as someone else could have utilized that gear.

- Damaged equipment will be of your own responsibility to repair or replace to equal value.

5. The draft will begin tomorrow morning at 8.30am, the draft order will be listed just before that. 6. Assuming the completion of the draft the times for pickup of equipment will be: Wednesday evening 4pm - 6pm Thursday morning 6am - 9am Please contact me with any further questions. Yours in fitness, Jason Draft List: (this isn't the order, this is the list). Adam Lawless Chris Kirk Harry Gilchrist Mel Gilchrist Mitch Bell Nat Allison Sasha Jones Tobey Robinson Sean Young Bobbie Mignacca Marshall Allen Dirty Mike Kate Malcolm Myra Keep Quentin Lenormand Amy Rolston Peter D'Alessandro Becky Tingle Usaid Rana Christian Liberatore Flavia Melo Carina Eggleston Aleks Williams Andreas Forester Louise Hughes Guy Calaf Paul Mamotte Sarah VDL Theresa Moss Danny Moss Cooper Lindsay Melissa Hartman Sean Sweeney Milla Kuitunen Lisa Johnson David Vaughan Junko Matsuzaki Siobhane Byrne Liz Bellis Kat Bellis Jack Thurtell Chris Blenkinsopp Meagan Opray Matt Blycha Brad Carey Barbara Carey Kim Hall Shaun Breukelaar Jenna Walt Ervin Ng Nadia Sabatini Rob Herd Guy Calaf Dom McGreal Grace Allen Adrian Regli Saatchi Siri Mike Brooks Chantel baker Georgia Bird Jen Hunter Jayne Creamer Zach G Hariom Sur Gemma Kostarelas Sean Salter Fiona Salter Mike Warner Matt Billingham Chris Loftus Jayne Creamer Grace Allen Cat Monahan Conor Monahan Noel Dyson

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