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Moving Forward - Wild Goats Program

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Hi team,

As you would be aware due to the Government announcement last night, we are being ordered to close as of noon Monday the 23th of March.

Going forward I believe the best option for our health and community safety– is transitioning into an online program. The other coaches and I want to be a part of the solution, not contributing to the problem. We want to look back and know we did all we could to help the greater cause. We are all in it together, we need to work together to get this done with and get the world back to normality as fast as possible.

I am not taking this decision, or our direction lightly. I am not someone who does some personal training on the side, my adult life has been dedicated to the craft of coaching and helping a variety of people with a variety of goals. Something I’m not planning on stopping.

We will not be just posting workouts online and leaving you be. As we always have, for those who want it - we will be providing multi-layered fitness options with elite standards of coaching and support. You've worked very hard, and many for a long time, let's not give up our fitness because it's inconvienient.

The coaching team has developed a product we are really proud of, that provides great value and will produce great results.

The CrossFit Claremont Wild Goats Package: 1. Access to five different workout tracks:

· Bare: This is for people who want to remain as fit as possible but are limited to just themselves and a skipping rope.

· Bells: The ‘Bells’ track will be bodyweight do anywhere movements, along with the 100’s of exercises that can be done wither either a Kettlebell or Dumbbell.

· Business (as usual): For people that have a Barbell and maybe some other equipment that allows a large portion of CrossFit movements.

· Barbell: This is a Barbell focused strength program.

· Mobility: Daily mobility work working towards increased flexibility in quality positions.

· Competitors: Competitors additional work specific for fitness-related competitions.

All these programs will include.

- A video each day that will contain a warmup, workout brief, movement demos, workout strategy.

- Coach access to ask questions in relation to the workout or to provide modification options, as you would in a normal class.

- Coach access to analyse your videos and provide movement feedback.

2. The home package will also provide you with equipment to take home and lease. What you choose should be based on your preferences. If Strength is your primary focus, a barbell pack would be a good idea. If you’re more interested in conditioning then a piece of Conditioning equipment (Bike, Rower, Ski) along with a Dumbbell or Kettlebell is a better option. Rings provide an option for pull ups. Everything we have will be available, all the way down to abmats, skipping ropes and sleds. A list of everything will be attached.

3. We will have an online platform where people can communicate with each other and coaches. Not only to maintain the community aspect, along with seeking advice and assistance from coaches.

4. We will be hosting a ‘Roll Out’ class. There will be multiple sessions per day where people can stretch together but more importantly, interact as a group via video link similar to the way we do in the roll out/recovery portion of our normal classes.

5. You will also receive a 1 on 1 consultation per fortnight via video link with a coach. Here you can talk about how to work towards your goals, make the modified training suit you best or how to utilise some of the equipment you got in the draft.

6. Access to workout tracking software.

7. Be involved with regular challenges to mix things up and give you something to work towards.

8. Access a platform that will allow you link up via video and complete workouts at the same time as other members and classmates. Our video links will be done via Zoom.

Everything included here and access to the Draft to lease equipment will be available for $50 a week. To put this into perspective, to hire a rower by itself is $42 a week from some vendors, so for a small amount you are receiving a lot of additional value. Get on board, there are over 400 items available so everyone has the ability to get multiple items and some good variety. This $50 get's you access to all our programs. Once you enter the program, you are not able to pause until we return to the gym or you are able to find someone to take over the equipment and program. We may be unable to take the equipment back and you have taken it from other people who could have used it. Once you join the program, you have access to all tracks, which track you join is totally up to you and potentially impacted by what equipment you take in the draft. The draft order is going to be random, which is the only fair way. If you're a member would like to just do the 'Bells' or 'Bare' program, feel free to contact me and we can work something out :) If you are now Gymless or lacking direction without a program, we are offering: All programs for $40 (except equipment loan) Bells and Bare program for $20 (except equipment loan) Bare $10 (except equipment loan)

The names who have contacted me to be a part of the draft are also attached. If you aren’t on there please contact me before tomorrow to get your name on the list. We will try to begin the draft Wednesday where I will randomly generate the order, I will then call people in order to get their selection choice. Make sure you also have the ability to get the item home. Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning we will arrange times for equipment pickups. Once we lease the equipment out, for security in these potentially uncertain times the whole Showgrounds is going to be locked down. So if you want to get thumb tape, supplements, bars, FitAids, etc you want to get it done with the pickup.

Please let me know what your preference is to do going forward with your membership if you haven't already.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact me. Yours in fitness, Jason #wildgoats #garagegoats Items list: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KzPi4Nxc45PhLtI35UBjIur77AOuYrlD/view Draft List: Adam Lawless, Chris Kirk, Harry Gilchrist, Mel Gilchrist, Mitch Bell, Nat Allison, Sasha Jones, Tobey Robinson, Mel Waller, Sean Young, Bobbie Mignacca, Marshall Allen, Dirty Mike, Kate Malcolm, Myra Keep, Quentin Lenormand, Amy Rolston, Peter D'Alessandro, Becky Tingle, Usaid Rana, Christian Liberatore, Flavia Melo, Carina Eggleston, Aleks Williams, Tim Williams, Louise Hughes, Guy Calaf, Paul Mamotte, Sarah VDL, Theresa Moss, Danny Moss, Cooper Lindsay, Melissa Hartman, Sean Sweeney, Milla Kuitunen, Lisa Johnson, David Vaughan, Junko Matsuzaki, Siobhane Byrne, Liz Bellis, Kat Bellis, Jack Thurtell, Chris Blenkinsopp, Meagan Opray, Matt Blycha, Brad Carey, Barbara Carey, Kim Hall, Shaun Breukelaar, Jenna Walt, Ervin Ng,

Nadia Sabatini,

Rob Herd,

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