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Thursday 12.05.22

Updated: May 9

Potential Casino Night Fundraiser and Timetable Update A. Gymnastics Week 9: Open sessions, 15 minutes practise of your choice


20 Min AMRAP

40/30 Calorie Bike Erg

30/24 Calorie Ski

20 True Ring Row

10 Strict Toes to Bar or Dragon Flags

5 Wall Walks

Skill & Strength:

20 Min AMRAP for quality

5 Ball Ups

5 Paralette HSPU

5 Strict Toes to Bar

5 Weighted Hanging leg Raises

5 Single Arm Barbell Press

5 Shrimp Squats (e side)

5 Dragon Flags


Log all workout results to Beyond the

Whiteboard. Visit www.btwb.com/signup and use code "CFC123" to set up an account. If you wish to view our Weightlifting and/or Competitors programming contact us at info@crossfitclaremont.com.au to be added to the private group or you can follow on our Beyond the whiteboard track. To be up to date with announcements, news and info - join our private Slack group. The link to join is here.

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