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Thursday 11.06.20

Fitness: Week 3/12 of our Aerobic Rowing Progressions 5 x 350m, rest 1 min between, 5k pace -10 sec


4 sets:

Row 4 min @ 5k PR pace -2 sec, rest 60 seconds between.

If you want to develop your Aerobic System a little more, feel free to do these workouts in your own time during the week. (We have been discussing drag factor a lot recently. Watch the video, if world record-holders can use 130, you can too!) Session 2.

12 sets of:

Row 30 sec @ 85%

Row 30 sec @ 50%

Then, rest 5 mins, into

12 sets of:

Row 30 sec @ 85%

Row 30 sec @ 50%

Session 3:

Row 30 min @ Z1 building to Z3 throughout the 30 min


See Fitness Gymnastics: The Bar Muscle Up (Check out our Gymnastics schedule here:


Log all workout results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Visit and use code "CFC123" to set up an account.

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