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Return from the Wild

Hello CFC Crew,

Firstly, on behalf of myself and our CFC coaches, I would like to say a massive thank you to you for your incredible support during these unprecedented and trying times. Thank you for coming along on the ride and for your amazing attitude during this period. Without the people that got on board the Wild Goats program, there may not have been a gym to come back to, so for that I am extremely grateful.

You most likely saw the announcements yesterday that WA is about to enter “Phase 2” of our road to recovery, and with that, we see some relaxing of various protocols. As of Monday the 18th of May, gyms will be allowed to reopen, with a 20 person limit. However, just as we operated before the forced closure, we will have a few procedures in place to ensure we keep in line with state guidelines to maintain our own and community safety.

Our current procedures are: Classes are capped at 15 people. This will allow correct social distancing (1 person per 4m2) and will ensure that people do not have to share barbells, pull-up bars etc.

You will need to reserve a spot for all classes, including Coached Open Gym via the Zen Planner App. If you don’t have it, please download it now from the app store and your login will be with the email you supplied when you signed up. Download it now, then test that you can reserve a class and if not email me at jason@crossfitclaremont.com.au and we will sort it out. There will be no exceptions if classes are full. Please check the Zen Planner Calendar, as there have been multiple changes.

If you have reserved a spot for a class but you cannot make it, please remove yourself to allow someone else to register (just click your name and then select remove). You cannot cancel a reservation within the last hour before a class. There is also a waitlist, so if a class is full, put your name on the waitlist. You will be automatically notified and added to the class if a position becomes available.

The iPad to sign in will be outside the door where it previously was before we closed. You will still need to sign after reserving a class. If you need to get changed or go to the toilet, feel free to quickly go inside, but then head back outside and remain there until the coach finishes with the current class.

I know a huge part of the gym is the social aspect, but after a class is over, please head outside and you can hang out there if you like. Obviously still try to keep our 1.5m of social distancing. This just ensures there are only 15 members in there at any time. To reserve your spot to a class you will need to have your normal membership activated again. Please email info@crossfitclaremont.com.au and tell us

- How many times a week membership you would like to be on (Either Unlimited, 3x a week or 2x a week.

- What debit frequency you would like (monthly, fortnightly or weekly)

- What date would you like your first debit to be.

There have been some small modifications to the timetable, all classes can be viewed via the app / online.

We will also need all the equipment returned; we have opened up some timeslots for this.

- Thursday between 10am and 2pm

- Friday between 8am and 6pm

- Saturday between 7.30am and 11.30am

(If you cannot make these times, please let us know as soon as possible).

We will quickly inspect the equipment upon its return to ensure that it is coming back in the same condition it left, and then we ask that you please return your borrowed equipment or mats to its usual location in the gym.

Once again, thank you all so much for your support, kind messages and emails during a stressful time. We cannot wait to see you next week.

Yours in fitness,


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