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New Thursday Structure & New Sunday Class

We have decided to make a few changes to our weekly class timetable and structure!

Thursday's classes will now start with some dedicated Gymnastics skill and progression work, followed by a longer and predominately monostructual metcon. It will also incorporate part of the Gymnastic skill worked on that day. Gymnastics movements are at times very complicated so we have addressed the need to be incorporating some dedicated, regular and structured progression work on a consistent basis.

Our Sunday 10am Class will now be 'Bulletproof Strength'. This class will be using a variety of uncommon movements such as Yoke Carries, Rope Pulls, Dumbbell Work, Functional Bodybuilding, Strongman Movements, Flexibility and Prehab Exercises.

This class will be designed to make you strong through some different movement patterns that aren't as commonly addressed along with giving you better awareness of which muscles and movements you personally find difficult.

All Thursday CrossFit Classes will be following this cycle:

Week 1 – Bar Series 1/3: Toes to Bar

Week 2 – Bar Series 2/3: Kipping Pull Up

Week 3 – Bar Series 3/3: Bar Muscle Up

Week 4: Open Session, your choice of practice

Week 5: On The Minute work and accessories

Week 6 – Ring Series 1/3: False Grip Pull Up & Ring Dip

Week 7 – Ring Series 2/3: Strict Muscle Up

Week 8 – Ring Series 3/3: Ring Swing & Kipping Muscle Up

Week 9: Open Session, your choice of practice

Week 10: On the Minute work and accessories

Week 11 – Floor Series 1/3: Handstand Holds

Week 12 – Floor Series 2/3: Strict & Kipping Handstand Push Ups

Week 13 – Floor Series 3/3: Handstand Walking

Week 14: Open session, your choice of practice

Week 15: On the Minute work and accessories See you there.

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