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COVID-19 Further Update

Hey all,

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for being so supportive and positive recently. It’s been amazing to see how everyone has really banded together (while being apart). I really appreciate the comments people have made or sent in, and it’s made me so proud to be involved with our community.

While it will be a tough time for both people and businesses everywhere, I would like to communicate that I didn’t start a gym because I wanted to be a business mogul, rip people off or hold people to contracts – I did it because I want to help people be healthier, fitter, happier and build a community.

This means I will be doing everything in my power to firstly provide a safe environment for you to train in, and, if in the event we are forced to close our doors for a period to completely isolate, we will do everything in our power to keep our community strong, to keep you actively training and to keep this business going.

I have had plenty of challenges along the way and this is just another one that I’m going to overcome. I will do things the way I’ve always done them, by paying my coaches first, bills second and myself last.

I understand there is a lot of uncertainty currently about what is and isn’t safe for us to do. If you don’t feel comfortable training, that’s OK. Everyone is in different situations. I’m more than happy to pause memberships until you feel you are comfortable to come back and train in a group environment. Going forward, we will continue to remain as informed as possible on the ever-changing situation and act on the advice of professionals. We are implementing a few changes (along with the things we have done already) to once again prioritise everyone’s health and safety. Please read the following and do your best to comply.

1. As of tomorrow (until things settle down) we are capping classes at 12 people. Although we have a much larger facility than most places, this will allow better social distancing and will mean that people do not have to share barbells, pull-up bars etc.

You will need to reserve a spot for all classes, including Open Gym via the Zen Planner App. If you don’t have it, please download it now from the app store and your login will be with the email you supplied me when you signed up. Download it now, then test that you can reserve a class and if not email me at jason@crossfitclaremont.com.au and we will sort it out. There will be no exceptions if classes are full. Please check the Zen Planner Calendar, as there have been some small changes, mainly to some classes that overlapped.

If you have Reserved a spot for a class but you cannot make it, please remove yourself to allow someone else to register (just click your name and then select remove). Please let’s work together and be mindful of others.

The iPad to sign in will be outside the door where it usually is. You will still need to sign after reserving a class. If you need to get changed or go to the toilet, feel free to quickly go inside, but then head back outside and remain there until the coach finishes with the previous class. I know a huge part of the gym is the social aspect, but after a class is over, please head outside and you can hang out there if you like. Obviously still try to keep our 1.5m of social distancing. If classes all filled up, we will endeavor to put more on.

2. If we are forced to close for whatever reason, for people who want to train we will be offering two side by side options:

A. Everyone who registers you will go into the *Draft* to receive a piece/s of equipment for the period we are out of the gym. Whoever gets lucky and first pick of the draft will get first choice for a piece of equipment and it will follow in order from there. The order will be generated at random. Last pick will also get the first pick of remaining equipment and it will follow the reverse order from there. For anyone who has been in a fantasy draft you will know this is a time-consuming process. So if you want to be a part of this, email jason@crossfitclaremont.com.aunow to tell me you want to be included in the borrowing program. I want to be organised and have the list ready to go because I imagine if we have to close, it will happen quickly.

B. We will also be offering an ‘at home workout’ which can be completed with minimal to no equipment. We will provide a video with information and we will also respond to any questions you may have about the workout/movements or modification requirements.

I know many people will be feeling a severe financial strain worse than me, with many jobs and industries disappearing – if this is you, I am here to help. If you are not in a position to pay your membership at the moment, I am happy to stop payments until you are able. However, feel free to continue to come in and train, follow our online program or do whatever we are offering at the time.

We are all going to need each other, so I hope we all continue to engage as much as we can through our various avenues. If you have any other concerns, questions or suggestions, please reach out. I’m doing my best to get back to everyone. Our protocol may change as we go, so please bear with us.

Let’s all help each other.

Yours in Fitness, Jason

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