Monday 05.10.20

Fitness: 1. Back Squat: 11 minutes to build to a 3RM, then OT2M, 4s x 3r x 90%

2. 16 Min alt OTM:

Odd: 200m Run

Even: Max Wall Balls (9/6kg 10/9ft)

*Ball remains on the ground until the minute starts. Performance: 1 & 2. See Fitness Sweat: In Pairs: 40 Min AMRAP

One person working at a time

50m Plate Push (25/20kg)

40/30 Calorie Ski

30 Partner Clap Sit Ups

20 Down Ups

100m Buddy Carry (each)

If you wish to view our Weightlifting and/or Competitors programming contact us at to be added to the private group or you can follow on our Beyond the Whiteboard Track. Log all workout results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Visit and use code "CFC123" to set up an account.