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Key Party | Quiz Night | Royal Show.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Hi team,

We have a couple of exciting things on the radar:

On Saturday the 5th of September we will be hosting a double header in event madness! 

In the AM there will be the third installment of our Key Party In-House social competition: “CFC Key Party - Ménage à trois”. 

The Key Party is a social pairs competition where the primary focus is having fun, while also challenging yourself. The format is what makes it exciting. Firstly, you choose your category either RX or adjusted Male & Female. RX is for people who do most workouts without modifying loads or movements. Adjusted is either load or skill adjustment with the ability to further adjust the exercise on the day. If you are unsure about which category to go in, just ask a coach :)

Pairs will be selected at random, all team members of that category go into a bowl and are drawn out. You might get put with your fantasy pair or you might get Brad Carey.

The event will run to around 1 pm and will be challenging, but isn’t designed to take your soul. Entry will be $10 and the proceeds will be donated in support of member, Amy Rolston who is participating in a charity ride for the Harry Perkins Institute. If you don’t want to compete but would like to be involved we could definitely use volunteers!!

If you want to read about a previous installment you can here:


In the PM we are hosting a Quiz Night! More information will be coming on this, and once again proceeds will be going to the Harry Perkins Institute. 

You are welcome to attend either or both of the events!


The next matter of business is the Royal Show. As most of you would be aware we operate from where the Royal Show is held each year. Finding a location that allows us to have the space we need along with the ability climb ropes, run and drop weights has proved very difficult over the past 8 years. Without having to move to Osborne Park this is the best option I have found over my 100+ property enquires over the years. 

Unfortunately for our convenience, the Perth Royal Show is the only Royal Show going ahead in Australia this year! However, this indicates that WA is lucky enough to be in a position where events like this can go ahead, so great news in the grand scheme of things. This year we have been able to negotiate that will be out for less than 3 weeks during the school holidays from the 26th of September. The plus side is it’s the perfect time of year to get outside more and it allows us the chance to do some workouts we can’t do in the confines of a gym. 

Due to many sporting seasons being pushed back, many potential short term locations we move into during this period are unavailable. So I’m hoping that reaching out to a large audience someone might have an idea of a place that is available and suitable. If you have any ideas please let me know! Once again, thank you to everyone for your support during this time and in previous years. It really means a lot.

More information will be coming soon regarding these events so stay tuned!

Yours in fitness.


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