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CrossFit Key Party 2.0 - Second Helping

Tired of your workout buddy? Wanting to spice things up? Think the grass could be greener on the other side? Well our in house competition is your chance to try something new. After the first edition some new relationships were forged and people had some new experiences - you've once again got the chance to throw your "keys" in a bowl and see who you end up with! ;) Come join us for a social in house "swingers" comp, do a few workouts and have some fun! All entrants in each category will be placed into a 'bowl' and selected and paired at random. Who knows, you might lucky with Sean "The Sweet heart" Sweeney, Duncan "Slip and Slide" Tomkins or for one unlucky entrant, you'll be paired with Brad "Mr Flexibility" Carey. The event is designed for all fitness levels! Pairings will be drawn on Thursday before the event via Instagram Live, so you entries will need to be in before then! Like last time, one person will also get to design one of the workouts! When you complete your entry form you will be asked for a workout of your choice (you will be able to go back and modify your workout if you wish). The workout the coaches like the most will he chosen! Entrance is free and depending on entrants it should run from 7.30 to around 1pm on August the 30th. There will be no classes and just the event on this day. There will a few different workouts over the day and all movements can be scaled if needed :) Kids and family as always are welcome to attend! There will be four different categories - Male Performance - Female Performance - Male Fitness - Female Fitness Choose the category you generally do in a class or ask a coach if you are unsure. Entry form is here: https://forms.gle/Tqje3DyGfWuXFyPc8 and entries will close Thursday the 29th of August.

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