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Member of the Month September 2019: 2/2 - Mike Warner

When, how and why did you get started with us? I started CrossFit at Cooee Crossfit 4 ½ years ago. My wife, Tash, had been doing it for many years and I started going along for open days at Cooee with her. Despite lacking strength, co-ordination and having a low pain threshold I found I really enjoyed CrossFit and wanted to get better at it even though I knew I would always be hopeless! Getting CrossFit fit was really helping me with my main sporting passion – windsurfing.

What would be your dream workout?

5 rounds for time

20 Bodyweight Deadlifts (I’m very light)

100 Double Unders (after many years of practice I can finally do this skill)

800m Run (the only thing I am above average at in crossfit)

What workout would you typically avoid? I try and not avoid any workout but I think my least favourite workout would incorporate a combination of Wall balls and Pull-ups!

Favourite CrossFit athlete: Tia Clare-Toomey is totally amazing.

Best thing you own that was under $100? Skipping rope.

Biggest fashion mistake I ever made? It would be really hard to choose one out of so many humiliating blunders but I will go with turning up to a hospital Christmas party in Black Tie when everyone else was in jeans.

Favourite quote? “Better lucky than good”.

Favourite 90s jam? Radiohead “Fake plastic trees”.

Last thing watched on TV? Rerun of “Hamish and Andy” on YouTube with my 14 year old this morning.

Funniest thing that happened recently? Trying (and failing) to train my border collie to use an electric ball thrower called a ‘fetch’. The idea is the dog brings the ball back and puts it into the machine which then spits it out again. Kelso hasn’t quite managed it yet, but seeing him try so hard, his perplexed face and his surprise when the ball comes out and hits him on the nose yet again would put a smile on anyone’s face! I do love that dog.

Most used emoji? Thumbs up.

What members body part would you like? I’d like some longer legs (Durty Mike’s would do) to make Wall Balls easier.

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