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Weekly Workouts 7-13th October 2019

Upcoming Events/Info 26th October: CrossFit Claremont do True Grit - Get your regos in! (the 10.30am slot is full, book into the 10.15am instead and you can just wait) We will be moving back into the Showgrounds sometimes this week. We will update you as soon as we know exactly. At the very latest it will be Saturday. Check the Events page for more info - https://www.crossfitclaremont.com.au/blog/category/Events


Log all workout results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Email info@crossfitclaremont.com.au to set up an account. If you are interested in competitions and/or would like access to our Competitors and Extra's program, ask a coach.


MONDAY: Squat Hold Day 7: 8 Sets of 40 on 15 off. 1. Rugby Run retest Compare to 12/9/19 Post: L Sit: 10 Rounds: 20 on 40 off Strength Class: 1. S10 20 Rep Squat: 3x5 Warm up sets as required then, 20x95% of 5RM 2. 5 Rounds for load 10 Bent over Landmine Row 10 Half Kneeling Landmine Press 3. 5x Max Unbroken Chest to Bar Chin Ups


TUESDAY: Squat Hold Day 8: 6 Sets of 50 on 20 off. 1. OT2Mx5: Aim to hit your total Pike HSPU from last week, evenly spaced over 5 sets this week. It is definitely more challenging, but try. 2. 20 Min AMRAP: 30 Single DB Box Step Ups 30 Push Ups 60 Double Unders 900m Airbike


WEDNESDAY: Squat Hold Day 9: 6 Sets of 60 on 30 off. 1. OT2Mx5: Max Unbroken DB Bent Over Row 2. Head to Head - 5 Rounds: 500/450m Row *While one partner rows, the other partner completes as many Dumbbell Thrusters as possible 22.5/15kg. Aim to get more reps than your partner. As soon as the rower hits 500m the Thrusters must stop and each partner may begin on their movements whenever they like Strength Class: 1. S11 20 Rep Squat: 3x5 Warm up sets as required then, 20x100% of 5RM 2. Farmers Deadlift 5x10 3. 5x Max Unbroken Weighted Pull Ups 10/5kg


THURSDAY: Squat Hold Day 10: 5 Sets of 70 on 30 off. In Pairs: 30 Min AMRAP 45/35 Cal Ski 300m Prowler Push 60/40kg 45 Dumbbell Push Press 22.5/15kg 300m Backwards Sled Drag 60/40kg 45/35 Calorie Bike


FRIDAY: Squat Hold Day 11: 4 Sets of 80 on 30 off. 1. For Quality: 5x5 Kettlebell Snatch OT90 Seconds 2. For time: 10,9,8,7,…2,1 Kettlebell Swing 100m Run Goblet Squat 100m Run *Kettlebell 32/24kg


SATURDAY: (Back at Showgrounds. Classes today are 8.30am CrossFit, 9.30am Weightlifting and 10.30am Comp Class where we will be doing the first Open workout).

Squat Hold Day 12: 3 Sets of 90 on 30 off. CrossFit: In Pairs: 30 Min AMRAP 30 Power Cleans 50/35kg 30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 30 alt Front Rack Lunges 50/35kg 30 Toes to Bar 30 Push Jerks 50/35kg Weightlifting:

1. Snatch: 3x50%, 60%, 2x70%, 75%, 5x1x80%

2. Clean & Jerk: 3x50%, 60%, 2x70%, 75%, 5x1x80% 3. Front Squat: Build to a Fast Double (if the ascent takes more then a second decrease the load).

Comp Class: Open workout 20.1


SUNDAY: (Normal Sunday Schedule) Squat Hold Day 13: 3 Sets of 110 on 30 off. 1. Landmine Squat 5x5 2. 15 Min AMRAP: 30 Wall Balls 20 Calorie Row 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs Gymnastics: Bar Muscle Ups Mobility Class at 11am

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