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Weekly Workouts 9-15th of September 2019

Upcoming Events/Info 26th October: CrossFit Claremont do True Grit - Get your regos in! (the 10.30am slot is full, book into the 10.15am instead) Check the Events page for more info -


Log all workout results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Email to set up an account. If you would like access to our Competitors/Extra's program, ask a coach.


MONDAY: 1. 4 Rounds Alt E 90 Seconds 5 Shrimp Squats 2-10 Pike HSPU 2. In Pairs: 20 Min AMRAP 30 Hanging Alt. DB Step Ups 22.5/15kg 24/20" 30 DB Push Press 22.5/15kg 2 Second Goal Runs Second Goal Prowler Push Strength Class: 1. 5 Sets, alternating A. 5 Landmine Press + 5 Landmine Push Press B. 10 Landmine Single Leg Deadlift 2. S3 20 Rep Squat: 3x5 Warm up sets as required then, 20x60%


TUESDAY: 1. 4 Sets: OT2M 30m Sandbag Carry 65/45kg + 1 Fast Rope Pull 2. 15 Min AMRAP 30 Second Tuck Hold 20/15 Calorie Bike 15 DB Renegade Rows 22.5/15kg 10 Sandbag over the shoulder 65/45kg 1 Rope Pull 60/40kg


WEDNESDAY: 1. 3 Rounds for load: 6 Double KB Front Squats @ 42X1 12 Double KB Row 2. In Pairs: Accumulate as many Calories as possible in 21 minutes: 1st 7 Minutes: Partner must have two kettlebells in the Front Rack position (32/20kg) while the other partner is rowing. 2nd 7 Minutes: Partner must be holding two kettlebells in a Farmers Carry (32/20kg) while the other partner is rowing. 3rd 7 Minutes: One partner resting while the other is rowing. Score is total meters. Compare to 4/9/18 Mitch Bell & Sean Sweeney 441 Liz Bellis & Lingee So 366 Strength Class: 1. Work up to a Heavy Triple Farmers Deadlift 2. S4 20 Rep Squat: 3x5 Warm up sets as required then, 20x65% 3. For quality 10 Strict Pull Ups 50 Barbell Upright Row 20/15kg 50 Bent over Row 20/15kg


THURSDAY: 1. 4 Rounds: E3MOM Max Unbroken Push Ups 20 Single Leg alt. Wall Sits 2. 20 Minute Rugby Run for distance


FRIDAY: "Calorie King" 4 Rounds: 1 minute work, 1 minute rest Airbike Calories Row Calories Ski Calories Bike Erg Calories Row Calories


SATURDAY: (CrossFit 7.30 & 8.30am, Run Club at 9.30am. Due to Rugby Grand Final's, meet at the location below in photo.) 1. 4 Rounds: 60 second Weighted Bridge 10/5kg 2. For time: 450m Walking Lunge, if you want some extra enjoyment, add a 10/5kg Plate Compare to 7/9/18 and 7/9/19 Bodyweight: Duncan 10.17 Aleks: 14.05 With plate: Sean Y 18.30 Lingee 19.10


SUNDAY: 9am Swim Club @ Claremont Pool. Please try to reserve a spot via Zen Planner.

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