• Jason

New Timetable

After a nice little trial period and asking for some feedback at some various points we have gone with the following changes:

Wednesday: 5.30am Sweat Class 6.00am Weightlifting 10.15am Weightlifting

After a pretty resounding response to keep the 6.00am Weightlifting we will be sticking with it.

Thursday: 10.15am Gymnastics 6.30pm CrossFit / Open Gym *The AM Gymnastics will remain on a trial basis while attendance is monitored. Unfortunately due to consistent low numbers to evening Gymnastics this class has been moved to Sunday to hopefully attract some more people. Friday: 12pm CrossFit Sunday: 9am CrossFit 10am Gymnastics 11am Mobility The update timetable can be found on the Timetable link on our website. If you have any feedback on improving it or other ways we can improve our service, please let us know!

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