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CrossFit Kids

Thanks to all involved for another fun-filled CrossFit Kids term! We will be starting a new term (coinciding with the school term) on Wednesday the 1st of May. The term will run for 10 weeks again on Wednesday's at 3.45pm for 45 minutes. However we will be trialing a few changes for this term! We will be running two classes alongside each other, and you as parents will have the ability to allocate your children to a particular class based upon what you think is most suitable/they will benefit from the most. Cheetahs: The Cheetah class will be designed for kids who thrive in a more play based program. While we will still look to learn movements patterns and build strength and fitness, the movements won't be as technical. If your child hasn't done CrossFit Kids before this is potentially a good place to start. Leopards: The Leopard class is for Kids ready for a more skill based activities and that will thrive under a more structured/instruction based program. The Leopard class requires greater listening and adherence to instruction. There is no pre requisite to either program but if we think your child is better suited to the alternate program we will make the change. If you have questions about which program your child should be in, please contact us at Cost is $150 for the term, if you have 2 or more children you receive a 15% discount. Unfortunately we don't have the ability to monitor or cater for drop in/1 off sessions. Contact to register for the term. Places are limited so please get in ASAP to avoid missing out!

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