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Topical Tuesday / Supplement Samples / Saturday Login

Happy Friday!

With the success of people discovering that using your toothbrush in the shower is the most time efficient way to brush your teeth, we are starting a new segment - Topical Tuesday. Where through the power of numbers we can gather data and solve some of the world's big issues. Christmas decorations before December, Pineapple on Pizza, Sleeping Naked - are examples of things that need to be addressed. If you have a question that's been hotly debated / something you need solved - we would love to hear from you! The questions needs to be something that can be answered with a yes or no. Email your questions through to We would also love to have more Fun Fact Friday's. If you have some juicy information on a member or yourself that others may not know, please send it through too.


This Saturday we will have some samples from the folks at Revival Labs ( ) for their Protein and Pre-Workout. Let a coach know and we can give you a try of either product.


Just a reminder that the Saturday 8.30am class is the only class that we require you to reserve a spot for. If you download the Zen Planner Member App you can use your login (email) and Reserve a class. For us to run workouts safely and efficiency we can't have 30 people in a class like last week. We have always required a register for this class so please get organised and do so. When you reserve a spot via the app, you still sign in like usual to confirm your attendance. Please don't reserve a spot if you aren't planning to attend, we don't want others to miss out. Just cancel your reservation as early as possible :)

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