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Week of Workouts 16th - 21st of July 2018

Remember the new timetable takes effect this week. Check the daily blog post each day for the Sweat and Gymnastics workouts along with announcements. To vote on a few other options, go here. MONDAY: Fitness: A. E2MOM Max Unbroken True Ring Rows then 3 sets @ 50% of Max Set B. 21-15-9: Front Squat (60/42.5kg) Kettlebell Swings (32/24kg) 400 Meter Run Performance: A. Bar Muscle Up EMOMx8: 40% of your Max Unbroken Set B. See Fitness TUESDAY: Fitness: A. Deadlift - Build to a Heavy Single B. AMRAP 12: 6 Strict Ring Dips 9 Deadlifts (102.5/70kg) 30 Double Unders Performance: A. See Fitness B. AMRAP 12: 6 Strict Handstand Push-ups 9 Deadlifts (102.5/70kg) 30 Double Unders WEDNESDAY: Fitness + Performance: 30 Min AMRAP: 600m Row 80m Sandbag Carry 65/45kg (8x10m shuttles) 100m Farmers Carry 32/24kg 1200m Bike THURSDAY: Fitness: For Time: 50 DB Clean and Jerks (22.5/15kg) EMOM – 5 Toes to Bar (Including start) Performance: For Time: 50 Clean and Jerks (60/42.5kg) EMOM – 5 Toes to Bar (Including start) FRIDAY: Fitness + Performance: “Kelly” 5 Rounds For Time: 400 Meter Run 30 Box Jumps (24/20) 30 Wallballs (9/6kg) SATURDAY: Fitness + Performance: In teams of 2: 3x7 min AMRAPs, 2 minute between: A. 15 Chest to bar Pull Ups 30 Calorie Bike B. 15 Lateral Burpees over C2 30 Calorie Row C. 15 DB Step Up 22.5/15kg 30 DB Snatch 22.5/15kg

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