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Sunday 17.06.18

10am Endurance Class:

Due to the sometimes-inclement weather, we have decided to make a slight change to the 10am Sunday Class. It will be now known as the Skill of Endurance Class. Depending on both the weather and the week leading up we will have some varying focus. Ideally, we will still be looking to base the class around running and running technique. This is the movement that forces us to move our entire body, and has the greatest bang for your buck and endurance benefit and carry over to other movements.But at times it may be a Ski, Bike, Row or Mixed Modal session. The workouts and an outline will be posted a few days leading up to Sunday and on the WOD Blog for Sunday. This week’s Skill of Endurance Class will be running. This week we will focus on body position on knee drive. Our workout will be Pace Work: 6 x 250m descend 1-3, aiming for a 4-5 second decrease each time. Hope to see you there!


Open Gym from 10am to Noon.

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