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Week of Workouts for 4-9th of July

*Refer to the individual daily posts for information on greater workout details, Sweat classes, Gymnastics, Movement and Mobility Classes and announcements. MONDAY: Murph 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Push Ups 300 Squats 1 Mile Run TUESDAY: In teams of 3: 10,001m Row WEDNESDAY: A. 4x10 Elevated Renegade Row B. 15 Min AMRAP: 90 Double Unders 45 Wall Balls 9/6kg 30/23 Calorie Bike THURSDAY: Skill: Skin the Cat In Pairs:20 Min AMRAP 50 Sit Ups 40 Calorie Row 30 Box Step Overs 22.5/15kg 24/20" 20 Toes to Rings FRIDAY: A. Hang Power Clean - Heavy Set of 2 B. “DT” 5 Rounds: 12 Deadlifts (70/47.5kg) 9 Hang P. Cleans (70/47.5kg) 6 Push Jerks (70/47.5kg) SATURDAY: In Pairs: 25 Min AMRAP 25 F. Rack Lunges 50/35kg 100 Double Unders 25 Burpee Pull Ups 75 Calorie Row 25 Front Squat 50/35kg 50 Calorie Bike SUNDAY: Rest Day

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