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Tuesday 24.04.18

There will be one class on Wednesday at 8am for ANZAC Day. Try to make it to the dawn service if you can to pay respects to all those have risked or given their life for our freedom. Each year whoever wants to can meet down the bottom of the Kokoda Track (across from the Swan Brewery). At 5.40am we will start walking up for the service.


Tonight's Gymnastics Class is Handstand Walks


A. Back Squat 6x6 @ 80% *Complete 2 Heavy Singles after with no belt, makes sure they are successful lifts over anything else. B. Alternating EMOMx14 Odd: 15/11 Calorie Bike Even: 0 - 30 Seconds: Max Jumping Back Squats 20/15kg Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use code CFC123 to join.

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