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Monday 12.02.18

The CrossFit Open starts in just over a week! Friday Night Light's will be cranking and kicking off at 5.30pm. There is always that atmosphere and the Open will bring something impressive out of you and every year is that experience you can't really explain. If you aren't sure ask someone or just give it a go. We will be doing the Open WOD every Monday anyway so you might as well sign up! If you're worried about not being fit enough to do the Open - if you're able to complete our warm ups you're fit enough for the Open. The Open workouts are scalable just like any WOD. The first Open WOD will be released next Friday, but we are sorting out factions on Wednesday so make sure you are registered by Wednesday morning.

All the info is here. A. Overhead Squat - Heavy Single B. 9-15-21 Chest to Bar Pull Ups Burpees Overhead Squats Sweat: In Pairs: 25 Min AMRAP 30 Calorie Row 30 Sit Ups 30 Russian Swings *Alternate working partner each movement. **At the end of the round, after completing the Swing's, do a 150m Run Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use code CFC123 to join.

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