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Love for Lachie #BeLikeCyn donation

A big thank you to all who purchased a #BeLikeCyn Shirt or Muscle Tee. This shirt was a way to not only raise money and awareness for a cause that is now so dear to us all, but is a way for us to remember our strong, brave and fearless friend Cyn.

Together we were able to raise $1000 which was donated to the "Love for Lachie" foundation, a foundation that was loved and supported by Cyn and who continue to aim raise money to fund to the leading cancer research team at UNSW.

The "Love for Lachie" foundation was established in memory of Lachie Muldoon who sadly passed away on Tuesday 13th October 2015, at the age of 10 from an aggressive form of brain cancer.

So wear your shirt, and wear it proudly. Be brave in your pursuit of whatever makes you happy and healthy. Live your life to the full and #BeLikeCyn! Kate said it perfectly the other day when she said, "I was thinking about bailing on the running WOD today, but Cyn never complained. So I put my #BeLikeCyn shirt on and went out the door". http://loveforlachie.com.au/

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