• Jason

Wednesday 25.11.20

Fitness: 1. Front Squat: 3 x 73%, 83%, 88%, 83%, 93%, 83%

2. 5 Min AMRAP:

12/9 Calories Echo Bike

12 Wall Balls (9/6kg)

Performance: See Fitness Sweat: In Pairs, 40 Min AMRAP

1 person working at a time

400m Ski

100 Single Skips

400m Run

80 Med Ball alt. Step-Ups 24/20"

400m Ski

60m Plate Push 20/15kg

400m Run

40 Med Balls pass Sit-Ups

*A med ball must be held in the hands and off the ground at all times in this workout. If it touches the ground, both partners stop and complete 20 burpees each.

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