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The Open Close 21.2 - More Closed than Open

*We are looking to organize Pizza's for this Friday after 21.3, it will be $10 per person. Please contact your Faction captain if you want to join, and if you have any dietary requirements. If you're just come to spectate you are more than welcome too! Well, Nate called it (with his internal monologue anyway) and the repeat this year was 17.1. The good news for people who had done it before was they knew what to expect and the bad news for people who had done it before was they knew what to expect.

Many didn't get the barbell they hoped for, but deep down we just want to get fitter, and this workout was going to do that.

On a sad note, Wacey - Blue's spiritual (and actual) leader did himself a mischief at work injuring his calf. After an amazing first-week performance he was looking good for some strong workouts. Wacey has competed in every Open we have been in and always gives his all so this was a little sad for everyone (except for every other faction competing against him, great news for them!)

Things Gary heard: _ Claire D: *About the red balloons* "What does two hundred and twelve mean"?

_ "The Gold Shorts are retiring after this Open" a lying Duncan Lane.

_ "We all won today, fitness won today" - Steve after a successful repeat. _ "F*** Off" - Kim 'Jumbo' Hall

_ "At least I didn't swear this WOD" - Kim Hall, lying and also taking pride in achieving basic human expectations.

_ "Boom third this week, here we go!" - An excited Gold Captain Kat.

_ "I've got top 30 once, I'll do it again" - Mitch

_ "No, but it ripped my soul" - Nick after Carina asked him if he ripped his hands.

_ "God blessed me with good burpees last week after skipping training, so I'm going to do it again" - Cooper validating his own laziness.

_ "This is my favourite workout ever" - Jen confirming she's lost the plot.

_ "I'm going to go see Peking Duk instead" Georgia after being asked if she helped support her team on Friday.

_ "The painting was a gift Todd, I'm taking it with me" - Jeremy Grey

_ "Hey Siri, let's get 12 minutes in 21.2" - Saatchi caught doing some inception into her phone.

_ "You're old and remember you have bad shoulders" Adam trying to psyche out Pete before his 21.2 attempt. Adam had two cracks and still couldn't get him!

_ "Purple will struggle because we have too many masters" - An uneducated Marshall from Purple who have the equal least masters in their faction.

_ "Jason never picks Masters" - Chris, a master - who was in Jason's team last year.

_ "Can Green please not submit one or two of their scores this week to give the other teams a chance?" - Hannah

Notable Performances:

_ Sean Young forgetting to record his workout. Since he records every part of training each day I'm surprised this was an issue.

_ Duncan for sneaking around the corner post-workout for a spew.

_ Carina for lying on the box someone was using and getting photos as they jumped over.

_ Duncan for having his back to everyone while doing his good mornings warming up. Good morning indeed.

_ Ching, Maryanne and Sienna for using a 15kg DB for the first time.

_ All the people who beat their 2017 effort! I believe the biggest was Pete who went from not finishing the DB snatches to getting it done in 14.46!

By the numbers:

0 - The number of people not beating Max Greenfield (Schmidt off New Girl) in the Open. Also the number of people who didn't submit a score this week!

5 - Purple team members in the first heat (my bad)

10:42 - The fastest time by a 60 year old master worldwide!!

150 - The amount of DB Snatches Emily did on one arm with a 15kg DB. Incredible stuff.

A note - please if you are doing Friday Night Lights put your name on the form on the front desk or contact Jason.

Week 2 Standings:

If you hadn't seen the scores you would have been unaware Green took the chocolates in week 1 due to their humble and down-to-earth demeanor.

This week being scored off time rather than reps, the scores came out as: 5th: Blue, 223 minutes and 22 seconds 4th: Purple, 221 minutes and 22 seconds

3rd: Red, 219 minutes and 10 seconds

2nd: Gold, 216 minutes and 25 seconds

1st: Green, 207 minutes and 12 seconds

Overall Standings:

2 points - Green

5 points - Gold

7 points - Blue

8 points - Purple & Red

With there potentially being 2 workouts left, any team can still win so give it your best!

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