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The Open 2021

The Open is back to its old timeslot in 2021 beginning March the 11th! While the Open is indeed the first qualifying process for the CrossFit Games - it's primarily designed as an event for the CrossFit community as a whole and a great way to test your fitness and be part of our own CrossFit Claremont community.

This year is down to much more manageable 3 workouts over 3 weeks. As each year, we will be holding a 'Friday Night Lights' where we get together to do the workouts together as a community, encourage each other and talk about how terrible that was and have some food, drinks and chat after.

The workouts will also be done as our WOD on Mondays, so if you are unable to make it on Friday you will still have the option to complete the workout.

The best part of the CrossFit Claremont Open experience is the Draft leading into the Open and being a part of the faction teams. Everyone from the Gym who has registered will be selected in the draft and assigned to a faction that will be captained by a coach. Each week everyone's scores from the faction get added together and there will be a winner along with a winner overall.

This year there will actually be a change to scoring too, where your total reps or time is added together, rather than placings. This puts an emphasis on participation being the most important thing for your faction, not so much how well you score.

We will also be increasing the number of Factions, with this year there may be up to 6 different teams, so plenty of banter through the weekend and the week between announced workouts. As with any workout we do, the Open has an option to do a modified version if you are concerned about the prescribed workout being a little intense for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the coaches. You can find information about the Open and register here: When you register choose your Affiliate as 'CrossFit Claremont'.

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