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Sunday 24.10.21


In Pairs: One person working at a time. Alternate partner are completing each movement.

10 Min AMRAP:

10/7 Cal Bike Erg

10/7 Cal Row

10/7 Cal Ski

1 min rest

15 Min AMRAP:

15/10 Cal Bike Erg

15/10 Cal Row

15/10 Cal Ski

1 min rest

20 Min AMRAP:

20/14 Cal Bike Erg

20/14 Cal Row

20/14 Cal Ski


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Bulletproof Strength Class:

1. 5 rounds for load and quality:

A. Bent over Sled Pull

B. 12 Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

2. 5 sets of each

A. 8 Jammer Arm Press

B. 20 second rack hold

3. 12 Min OTM: 40s work 20s rest

12 straight arm pulldown

12 DB z press

12 plate raise kb pull through

12 cursty lunge

12 plate raise

12 kb pull through Open Gym 10am - 12pm: Please remember to sign in.


Log all workout results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Visit and use code "CFC123" to set up an account. If you wish to view our Weightlifting and/or Competitors programming contact us at to be added to the private group or you can follow on our Beyond the Whiteboard track.

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