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Sunday 21.11.21


1. In teams for moderate intensity:

15 Min AMRAP: Backwards Torque Sled Drag

2. 15 Min AMRAP:

6 Plate Push Shuttles (20kg / 5m)

12 Bent Knee Ring Rows

18 Russian Kettlebell Swing (32/24kg)

24/18 Calorie Bike Erg


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Bulletproof Strength Class:

1. 5-7 sets to build to a heavy seated Rope Sled Pull.

-superset with-

12 (per side) Single leg wall hinge

2. 5 sets to build to a heavy 10 rep Filly Press

-superset with-

5 Bulgarian Split Squat

3. 15 minutes for quality:

20 Banded Face Pull

20 Banded Good Mornings

20 Banded Leg extensions

20 Straight Arm Pull downs

Open Gym 10am - 12pm: Please remember to sign in.


Log all workout results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Visit www.btwb.com/signup and use code "CFC123" to set up an account. If you wish to view our Weightlifting and/or Competitors programming contact us at info@crossfitclaremont.com.au to be added to the private group or you can follow on our Beyond the Whiteboard track.

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