• Jason

October 20' Monthly Mission

I know with all the craziness of this year we haven't run a monthly mission for a few months but we are kicking it off again. This month is going to be something we ran about 18 months ago but I think it's time for a little reminder. Chalk - let's please keep it in the bucket. When we take it out of the bucket it just creates mess everywhere as well as wasting one of the earth's most precious resources. So this month let's focus on only using the chalk when our hands are inside the bucket, taking the chalk outside of the cave of the bucket or chalking outside of the bucket will result in a 400m run to be commenced immediately. Whether you are in the middle of a workout or not. One other thing I would like to remind people on is unless you are coaching the class there is absolutely no need and you do not have permission to comment on anyone's form, range of motion, reps or anything of the similar. You have no idea limitations they may be working with. Thanks crew!

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