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March Monthly Mission - Nutrition Habit Month:

This month for those interested, we are going to try and form some healthy new habits based on our nutrition. Motivation often waivers, but habits are just that - habits.

Now for these habits: they can be big, medium or small - but the most important thing is that they are easily achievable. Let's set ourselves up for success. I think the smaller the better. No habit is too small, because even the smallest habit compounded over (maybe a lifetime) will produce huge returns.

The other thing we are looking to do is make it something you want to sustain forever. This isn't a 40 day challenge, let's look to make a positive lifelong change. Now habits may falter, and that's OK, but the more we work on it and try to create that habit the better our return will be.

The other thing we want to do is not make it controversial and make it healthy. Choose habits that no one (well almost no one) will argue about.

So while it hasn't been all nutrition-based I set myself in February 3 habits I wanted to follow. (If you want to see an example).

- Only fruit for dessert. This is something I stole from a podcast. Dessert is definitely my weakness and in the blink of an eye I can easily finish a packet of Tim Tams by myself. I love fruit, there are lots of health benefits and to be honest, I haven't missed my usual crap at all. - After my shower, stretch 10 minutes before bed. it's proven to help with sleep quality and it's a nice time to unwind. I've always wanted to incorporate a regular stretch routine into my life and I've really enjoyed and then felt great going to bed.

- Take my greens drink every day. I've been way too inconsistent with this previously. It's so easy and for such a minor time and cost buy-in and getting a huge range of micronutrients it's a no brainer.

I recorded them in this habit tracker below. I used James Clear's 'Clear Habit Journal' but you could make a spreadsheet or use any sort of notepad or journal.

So while a had a bit of an off few days during a trip to Esperance for a wedding, my net gain is still huge, and all 3 things are starting to feel part of a daily routine. The journal is important. Tick it off once achieved. Release the serotonin for doing something positive. I've used a journal (BTWB) for over a decade now to help me with training. If I only trained the days I 'felt like' or 'felt motivated' to train I think I would train probably less than half the time. But I know once I get started or finish I always feel better, and logging my workout is the final part of my habit. So if you wish to join the monthly mission, click this link here. In the group, you can discuss potential habits and help each other along. Hopefully, I'll see you there!

If you're interested in learning about habit formation better I found 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear an amazing read/listen.

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