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Guidelines Update / Gymnastics Class

Hi team,

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you. Everyone's attitude has been amazing, I haven't heard any whining. It's been inspiring to see people coming in and still putting in work with a smile on their face, it would have been really easy for it all to be a little too hard this week. With the new government guidelines released last night, we have an easing of restrictions.

So from tomorrow until Saturday the 8th (where normal standards will resume) it means: - Masks must be worn inside - 20 person cap per class (reserve to guarantee your place) - 2sqm rule will apply We will look to still where possible keep a good percentage of work outside to maintain as much comfort as possible. If you have any questions, struggle to reserve classes etc - please let me know.


Gymnastics Class: It's very common for people to express the desire to achieve some of the more technical bodyweight skills. Consistent work, knowing the fundamentals and progressions is the key to that which is what we do in Gymnastics. However both the Thursday and Sunday classes have been very quiet for the past few months. We will cancel the Thursday class, but keep the Sunday class for another month. If you want it to remain make sure you get down to it. If you have any suggestions or preferences for Gymnastics or any other classes we would love to hear them.

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