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CFC In House Comp: Key Party #3 - "Ménage à trois" / Quiz Night / Goodbye Fin

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

On Saturday the 5th of September we will be hosting a doubleheader in event madness!!

In the AM there will be the third installment of our Key Party In-House social competition: “CFC Key Party - Ménage à trois”.

The Key Party is a social pairs competition where the primary focus is having fun, while also challenging yourself. The format is what makes it exciting. Firstly, you choose your category either RX or adjusted Male & Female. RX is for people who do most workouts without modifying loads or movements. Adjusted is either load or skill adjustment with the ability to further adjust the exercise on the day. If you are unsure about which category to go in, just ask a coach :)

Same sex pairs will be selected at random, all team members of that category go into a bowl and are drawn out. You might get put with your fantasy pair or you might get Brad Carey.

The event will run to around 1 pm and will be challenging, but isn’t designed to take your soul. Entry will be $10 and the proceeds will be donated in support of member, Amy Rolston who is participating in a charity ride for the Harry Perkins Institute. If you don’t want to compete but would like to be involved we could definitely use volunteers!!

The page to register is here: https://app.wodifyarena.com/Event/Event.aspx?u=cfckeyparty-mnagetrois2020

You will also be asked to submit a workout when you register. One workout will be chosen to be done on the day!


In the PM there will be a Quiz Night!

From 7pm there will be tables of 8 which will be $80 per table ($10 per person).

The Quiz Night is BYO, and bring some gold coins for games.

There will also be a silent auction for some special items. If you would like to donate an item or some of your time/services, please let us know! Some of the items available already are

- A golf coaching lesson with Tobey.

- A lock of Nate's hair.

- An hour of Jason's time to do anything you like (except something that will get me arrested or divorced).

- An hour tutoring with Kim Hall.

During the day and evening, the Perth Craft beer festival will also be running, so before and after the option to head in there will be available.

We will also be using this as a chance to say goodbye to Fin and his amazing efforts over the year as he pursues his dream as an astronaut. He's agreed to have a few beers which he doesn't normally do, so it's a real treat. You can do one of the events or both of, whatever you like!

More info to come!

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