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Weekly Workouts 30-6th September 2019

Upcoming Events/Info 10th October for 5 weeks: The Open - Details here 26th October: CrossFit Claremont do True Grit - Get your regos in! (the 10.30am slot is full, book into the 10.15am instead and you can just wait) Check the Events page for more info -


Log all workout results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Email to set up an account. If you would like access to our Competitors/Extra's program, ask a coach.


MONDAY: Closed due to Public Holiday


TUESDAY: 1. Monthly mission re-test: 3 Min Max alt. Pistols 2. OT2Mx10 alternating Odd: Max Unbroken Double Unders Even: Max Unbroken Strict Chin-Ups


WEDNESDAY: Monthly Mission: Squat hold challenge. Each day we are going to spend 5 minutes in a passive squat hold, gradually for longer periods with less rest. Depending on your position and individual mobility, varying stances. This is based off Ido Portals Squat hold challenge, which is 30 minutes per day. Due to time constraints we are just doing 5, but if you have the time to accumulate more of/the rest of the 30 minutes that would be great! Try to get at least the 5 minutes in on days you can't make it as well as Sunday's. Our before and after test will just be a front and profile photo of our best active hold and best passive hold. Squat Hold Day 1: 20 Sets of 15 on 15 off. 1. OT2Mx5: Max Pike HSPU 2. 3 Rounds for time: 600m Airbike 400m Row 20 DB Front Squats 22.5/15kg 100m Sandbag Carry 65/45kg Compare to 28.09.18 Mitch Bell: 17.22 Liz Bellis: 18.09

Strength Class: 1. S9 20 Rep Squat: 3x5 Warm up sets as required then, 20x90% of 5RM 2. OT3M x 510 Hang Power Cleans + 10 Push Jerks 3. Heavy Triple Farmers Deadlift


THURSDAY: Squat Hold Day 2: 15 Sets of 20 on 20 off. 1. DB Bent Over Row 5x12 + 15 Hollow Rocks after each set 2. For time: 300m Run 15 Double DB Hang Power C&J 600m Run 15 Double DB Hang Power C&J 900m Run 15 Double DB Hang Power C&J 1200m Run DB: 22.5/15kg Compare to 25/9/18 Mitch Bell 19.28 Liz Bellis: 21.22


FRIDAY: Squat Hold Day 3: 10 Sets of 30 on 30 off. For time: 30,20,10 Sandbag Front Squat 65/45kg KB Snatch 32/24kg Push Ups V Ups Airbike Calories


SATURDAY: (CrossFit 7.30 & 8.30am, Run Club at 9.30am) Squat Hold Day 4: 8 Sets of 40 on 40 off. 26 Min AMREPs: Head to Head Buy In: Each team has a 1x80kg and 1x50kg Prowler. Complete a 400m buy in at the 0 min and 13 minute mark. After completion accumulate maximum meters in any format between your team of: Bike Erg Ski Erg Row Erg x2


SUNDAY: Squat Hold Day 5: 15 Sets of 20 on 10 off. 9am Swim Club @ Claremont Pool. Please try to reserve a spot via Zen Planner.

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