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Member of the Month: July 2/2 - Cat Monahan

How and why did you get started with us? I first got started with Crossfit in 2015 as I was looking for something different than what your typical gym offers. I was attracted to the style of training in terms of variety and high intensity, and it seemed like a great community. I joined Crossfit Claremont in early 2017, upon returning to Perth after living up North and travelling for a while. I am so glad I joined, I never expected to meet such a fantastic bunch of people and such a great community.

What would be your dream workout? A long chipper involving running, power cleans, and double unders.

What workout would you want to avoid? Anything overhead

Favourite Crossfit athlete? No favourites. One of the things I really like about Crossfit is the varied people that do it, and I think everyone who does Crossfit is inspirational in their own way.

What’s the best thing you own that cost under $100? Probably the glass screen protector for my phone. I’m pretty clumsy and it has saved my phone more times than I’d like to admit.

Favourite quote? “There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream”

Favourite 90s jam? “Wonderwall” by Oasis

Biggest fashion mistake? Probably my childhood obsession with the adidas popper pants of the 90s. It took someone calling me “snappidy pants” before I finally parted ways with them.

Last thing you watched on TV? The Ted Bundy documentary and movie on Netflix

Funniest thing that happened to you recently? I was out road cycling along the freeway path recently and spotted something ahead in the middle of the path. As I approached closer I realized it was an emu, and it was stuck on the path between the fences on either side and looked very distressed. I initially planned to stop and help, but my limited knowledge of Australian flora and fauna kicked in and I remembered that, whilst flightless, emus can reach impressive land speeds of over 50km/hr. As I rode past I glanced quickly behind me and could see a dark shadow approaching at speed. I realized at this time I was being chased by an emu, and whilst this was the most Australian thing that had ever happened to me, I feared I may not live to tell the tale. I began riding the fastest I had ever ridden (confirmed on garmin), wondering if I could outride the land speed of an emu. After a couple of minutes, accepting my fate that I may die at the hands (?claws) of an emu, I looked behind me again only to realize the black shadow behind me wasn’t in fact an emu, but a man in lycra.

Most used emoji? The crying/laughing face

If you could have one other CrossFit Claremont member’s body part, what would it be?

Coach Kat or Siobhane’s abs.

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