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CrossFit Claremont OCR: True Grit 26 October 2019

Hey Crew,

After having such a blast last time, we are going to do another Gym event for an Obstacle Course Race! This time it will be True Grit, held in Donnybrook on the 26th of October. Details can be found on the link below

https://www.truegrit.com.au/event-detail.php?event=2019-10-26-wa-10km-donnybrook-balingup-shire-26-27-october If you get in and register for the 23rd of July it's cheaper. Along with that our friend at Fitaid have supplied us with a 15% discount code, so ask a coach and we can give you that. We will also look at potentially hiring a bus to and from which should making things a little easier and a bit more fun! At this stage we will most likely do something similar to last time and arrange ourselves in some groups: Casual: A little bit of a cruisey group taking it a little easier Competitive: A group still sticking together but for people looking to hit it pretty hard and are confident running a good speed over that distance. Solo: We had a few solo racers last time too.

Leading up to the event we will look to increase some running volume and tailor some training towards it so don't stress! We will let you know our wave time once we get a feel of numbers and sort ourselves out. Please comment below if you're interested.

Chat to anyone who went last time - it was awesome, if you need any more convincing check the video below:

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