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The Open Close 19.3 - Close it Halfway (Gary's 1st Birthday)

"And let's play a game, I won't be a tease, I'll show you the boom my sexy little thing - I wish you would Push Up on it, I wish you would Push Up on it... " - The second Track titled 'Push Up On Me' from Rihanna's hugely successful studio album 'Good Girl Gone Bad' and also the motivational song Cap'n Wacey chose to send out to his team. While some of the lyrics may not apply, there is some underlying direction in there. 19.3 gave the people what they wanted - plenty of glute work. The men's 19.3 leaderboard is almost directly correlated with juicability of one's peach (With a few harassment claims pending I won't comment on the womens side). After the buns got nice and primed, athletes were asked to get upside and demonstrate their strict strength and the truly fit made it to the handstand walks. (I wasn't one of them).

But the big news this week was that it's Gary's 1st birthday. After being birthed at my 30th / Open midway celebration in 2018, he continues to be the pillar of strength and fortitude he always has. While I think the massive steam up mid Open was a success last year, it was enjoyable not having a 4 day hangover this year.

*Exciting News Alert* Many of you would remember longtime member and former Most Improved and Community Award Winner Dustin "Ecoes" Fergus. Unfortunately the lure of some of the attractions in Amsterdam were too hard to ignore and he has now pitched tent in the city of windows full time. He is also now the head honcho at CrossFit Amsterdam. Due to his fake tanning regime, strong jawline, great upper body but skinny legs - he was perfectly suited to a TV role. He will be presenting the 19.4 workout announcement. Tune in to see him flash those pearly whites and baby blues. In case you need your memory refreshed here's a couple of snaps of the great man.

Things Gary heard: "Lol 50 Strict Handstand Push Ups, should I break them up?" - Wacey Brown "Even though we do step ups on a near weekly basis, doing one foot then the other is hard" - Many People "Why can't I get a Strict Handstand Push Up? I haven't practised them ever but I'm surprised" - Many People "Hannah can overhead lunge faster then most people can run" - Nass "Double or nothing this week Mitch?" - Georgia to Mitch once more. "I went slow on the step ups because I wasn't sure I had the capacity to finish them" - Liz trying to make up excuses for the trash no handed dumbbell technique.  The numbers: 1 - The biggest unbroken set Kat did on the way to completing her 50 Handstand Push Ups in Eight and a half minutes! 3 - The reminders Grace needed to submit her score, she's getting better!! 42 - Sean Sweeney's new numberplate. If you haven't heard (you've been on the Moon maybe) he's been letting people know his ranking in Ireland. 50 - The dollar amount Sean Young has to hand over to Nass after losing his bet. "I bet you I won't redo any workouts". Hope the 4 reps were worth 25 items you could have bought at the $2 store. 121 - The reps Scott Siekierka got in 19.3, it also aligned up with how many Chest and Tricep sessions he's done since 18.3 last year. Apparently 50 Strict Handstand Push Ups isn't enough so he hit another today.  Notable performances: - Great work from some of 9.15am ladies: Tobey, Robert, Christy and Jen who fought hard to get through a heavy Dumbbell and get onto the step ups.  - Dom getting his first Strict Handstand Push Up! Unfortunately not within the workout but worth celebrating none the less!! - Chantel no repping close friend Kate for her only chance at a Handstand Push Up late in the workout. Many wouldn't have. (Great honesty from #teamblack) - Isaac for refusing to use the dumbbell on the back version that the rest of the world utilised. That forearm pump thou! - Marc Fisher for having a second crack on the same day and getting an extra 5 reps! Week 3 Standings: After last weeks pep talk we once again had a 100% strike rate. Great stuff for everyone getting the workout done. Once the dust settled the scores came in at. White - 1695

Black -1697 Purple 1700 With Chris Loftus away over east at a festival he sent his team an update of his status.... 

Chris was seemingly too busy to do any more than 1 lunge. Considering White lost to Purple by only 5 reps, would it be unfair to blame him for the second week running? No. Once you add in Chantels and Marc's score (previously not included for the purpose of making things seem close) is takes the tally to: 3rd: White - 1695 2nd: Purple - 1697 1st: Black - 1847 Overall Standings: Black: 1st, 1st, 1st - 9 points Purple: 3rd, 2nd, 2nd - 5 points White: 2nd, 3rd, 3rd - 4 points Mathematically Purple can rain on Black's parade and snatch victory with two wins in the last two weeks and obviously there is a close battle for second place. This week I'll be heading off to Darwin for a Weightlifting Competition with Junko (and to also celebrate the impending Black victory), Kat and Hannah will be taking over 19.4 Friday Night Lights. They have demanded that 19.4 is ladies night. This means all all Friday Night Light's participants will be required to wear at least 1 item of womens clothing. If you aren't, 50% of your score will be docked from your faction. This does not count for universal clothing eg socks. If you are going, please make sure you register for heats by Thursday Night.

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