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The Open Close 19.2 - The Second Close of the Open Close Second Season

"History never repeats, I tell myself before I go to sleep" The Split Enz lied on their 1981 hit song as this week history did repeat and 19.2 was 16.2 and those who were around the traps in 2016, once again got their skipping rope and favourite lifting pantaloons and got ready to do it all again. In the days proceeding the announcement of 19.2, a few people around the gym trialled some different apparel to ensure maximum performance, and while the results on performance remains inconclusive to date, the delight in those who had the pleasure of witnessing is undeniable.

While, disappointingly, the new kits didn't make an appearance this week, could it be something we see for 19.3? I know the female contingent of CrossFit Claremont sure hope so.

19.2 was a "death by" workout, a style which results in competitors working hard and fast, in significant discomfort, to be granted the right and opportunity to prolong the pain and suffering as long as possible.

"Why am I here, what am I doing?" is a question we most likely all ask ourselves, but the vibez after keep us coming back.

19.2 unfortunately didn't quite have the same success rate as 19.1 in terms of logged workouts, with 2 people from White and Purple refusing to submit their score. Black, being the well oiled machine it is, maintained their 100% success rate.

What hope does a faction have, when their captain is flicking out texts at sparrows, frantically scrambling to get her score submitted? See below to get up to speed. (She didn't get that clean this time either).

Things Gary heard: "What weight combination will I need for the fifth round?" - Sean Young "Just have a look at the ones I'm using the heat before" - Mitch Bell "I won't submit my score if you don't, hehe" - Georgia Bird to Lauren Atkinson "Time for the King of Swing to do some to some swinging haha... don't tell Chris I said that" - Jack Thurtell "White Power!" - Carina Eggleston (cheering a team mate on during their cleans) "Our share price has just gone up 15%" Rocktape executives after Jen Hunter rocked up for her second attempt (in seriousness though, well done on your double unders!) "We should have one! Do you want to?" Mitch Bell to his girlfriend upon seeing baby Alfie enter the gym. "I'll be there at 9am" - Grace Allen when asked when she was doing 19.2 (she wasn't) "Hey Nass, I wanna do 19.2, can you judge me?" - Grace Allen asking Nass mid him taking the 6am class after rocking up at 6.20am "No" - Nass "Grace did you submit your score?!" - Jason at 8.54am before the 9am deadline "Doing right now" - Grace "You don't get sleep when your kids are babies, and you don't sleep when they are in their 20s because you're constantly worried what they are up to" Marshall Allen in an unrelated conversation to Jason Monday afternoon The numbers: 0 - Logged scores from Georgia, Cat and Lauren for 19.2 1 - Successful reps Chris Loftus completed, not great from a high draft pick is it? 3 - The amount of people who completed the workouts but didn't submit their score . 4 - The amount of times Sean Young took his shirt off on the D Floor on Friday night (at his sister's 18th mind you. Ask him, he will tell you he didn't.) 430 - Reps Shane did on Friday Night Notable performances: - Shane Maloney - In his first Open workout proceeded to show everyone how it's done and finished the workout with one second left, then straight after finishing hit a dab (didn't do the dab but that would have been good). - Hannah and Ben - Both with a minute left needed about 8 reps with a huge crowd around cheering them on - both gritted their teeth, sent and got their second round done. They took about a minute to do their first Toe to Bar in the third round which shows how much effort they put into it. Inspirational stuff, love seeing this in the Open. - Damon Buckley - Showed the world he bleeds white by completing all his double unders on one leg (he has been under strict medical advice from several professionals to not skip). Let's hope his wife doesn't read this. - Christie Mackaay - With a sore wrist from a heavy load of massaging (all above board apparently) she pushed through the pain to put Purple Faction on her back. Week 2 Standings: 3rd Place: White - 2567 2nd Place: Purple - 2596 1st Place: Black - 3123 Overall Standings: Black - 6 points Purple - 3 points White - 3 points To show you the importance of participation if the 3 White's who forgot their scores had just averaged a very gettable 185 they would have won. I don't want you to feel like it your fault, buuut it is. If White and Purple can get their act together they have shown they have the ability to push Black so fingers crossed for a close contest next week. My pappy told me if I need to remember something in the morning, put a note in your shoe. If thats what it takes crew let's get it done. Cya at the next close.

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