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February Nutrition Challenge | Australia Day Public Holiday | The Open

Hey everyone,

Hope 2019 has been great so far! As the year starts to get away from us already, we have some exciting things coming up.

Keep your ears out for some upcoming info on a Nutrition Challenge that will be starting in February. We are working on something individualised, that will be looking to tailor something towards your goals, personality and something sustainable for you in the long term. Finding your balance and getting a long term option is something we will be striving for. If you're looking to get your Nutrition in check, get yourself ready to go in Feb!


For the Australia Day long weekend the timetable will be as follows: Saturday 26th (Australia Day): CrossFit Class 8.30am Sunday 27th: Closed Monday 28th: (Public Holiday): CrossFit Class 8.30am


The Open! Once again that time of year has come for us to test our fitness and talk some smack in the Open.

We will again be having our 3 factions and running our Friday night lights! Last year was our biggest year yet and a heap of fun. It is by no means a serious event, so if you're looking for some fun get on board.

If you want to catch up on the mayhem and frivolity of last year, check out The Open Close from last year.

More specific details will be coming out soon, but if you're looking to do the Open jump on board and get registered!

Learn more at

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