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Gymnastics Cycle

The Gymnastics schedule is below: Testing: Cycle Test 1. 5 Minutes Max Muscle Ups 2. 5 Minutes Max Strict Handstand Push Ups 3. 5 Minutes Max Toes to Bar 4. 10 Minutes AMReP: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc: Unbroken Handstand Walk 5. Max L-Sit Hold 6. Max Tuck Hold Supplemental: Week 1. Midline Strength & Control Week 2. Rope Climbs & Double Unders Week 3. Bar Pull Over & Strict Pull Ups Bar Series: Week 4. Toes to Bar & Straight Arm Pulling Week 5. Kipping Pull Ups Week 6. Butterfly Pull Ups Week 7. Bar Muscle Ups

Floor Series Week 8. Headstands & Kipping Handstand Push Ups Week 9. Freestanding Handstands Week 10. Handstand Walks Ring Series: Week 11. Skin the Cat & Front Lever Week 12. Kipping Ring Dips & Ring Swings Week 13. Ring Muscle Ups Apart from the supplemental, each series relies on the previous weeks progressions for that particular movement. If you want maximise your chances to be successful. For example, a Muscle Ups will generally require enough straight arm strength for Skin the Cats and competence in the Ring Swing. So to get the movement you want, make the lead up sessions :)

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