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CFC News


A couple of happenings about to happen!

Return to Showgrounds: We will be back next week! Most likely Tuesday or Wednesday however it depends on the tenants vacating, we will let you know via the Workout of the Day Blog and by Email as soon as we know.

AFL Grand Final:

This Saturday is the AFL Grand Final! For Saturday’s workout bring down your best football supporting attire. The best outfit wins a prize!

Key Party 2.0: Ending the Dry Spell After the success last year’s Key Party In-House Competition, it will be making a comeback soon!

The Key Party format involves entrances names going into a bowl the morning of competition and partners will be determined by chance. You might get an Irish stud like Sean Sweeney or you might get the timber-like Flexibility of Brad Carey.

Teams will be same sex and we will have a Scaled and RX category. There will be prizes for category winners!

This is a social event designed just to be a bit of fun, it won’t be a huge day or crazy workouts.

All the money raised from entry fees will go towards the Queensland drought relief effort, it’s a good cause so get involved!

Christmas Party

Details for the Christmas Party will be released soon!

This is where we give out our end of year awards, categories are:

- Community Award: Male and Female. - Most Improved: Male and Female - Dummy Spit Award

Many may have been sub consciously influencing you already. People like Sasha Jones have already started bringing in treats and spreading themselves through seemingly random classes. Ignore the noise and go deep into your heart.

Yours in Fitness,


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