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Tuesday 19.06.18 - 'Chasing Goats' Jumper's Available Now

CROSSFIT CLAREMONT CHASING GOATS JUMPER: A 'Goat' has been a term used in CrossFit since CrossFit begun – referring to a movement you struggle with, dislike or would least like to see come up in a workout.

Goat has also been used recently, short for ‘Greatest Of All Time’.

Hopefully on CrossFit journey, our efforts are fitting somewhere in the middle of getting better at the stuff we aren’t good at and trying to be the best we can possibly be and smoking the stuff we like. (Also the real Goat's on my parents farm have really turned wild and are impossible to catch, so you can chase them too if you like). Order forms are at the front desk and will be due by Monday the 25th of June.


Gymnastics Tonight will be handstand walks.


WOD: 18 Min AMRAP 200m Run 16/12 Calorie Row 12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 8 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches 32.5/22.5kg Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use code CFC123 to make an account.

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