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Saturday 02.06.18 - Member of the Month 2/2: Mark Beccard

The other member of the Month goes to Mark. A real timetable sl*t, you could potentially see him at 6am, any of the afternoon classes, Weightlifting or Gymnastics. He likes to act as Robbie's personal rep counter and will let him know if his pull up or warm up reps are a little short or his range of motion isn't quite spot on. You will see him rolling a solid 6 pack and hitting some smooth Gymnastics work. One of my favourite quotes from him was "I'm not free when the Open is on" while doing the 5.30pm Friday class. He was so slick with his answer he had me fooled. When, how and why did you get started with us? I had a surfing trip to Indonesia planned and was out of shape. I was looking at options to get fit again and my wife suggested trying CrossFit after driving past the gym on Carrington St. I came along and did a partner wod with Duncan – I have enjoyed it ever since but unfortunately have never done another partner wod with Duncan ☹. What would be your dream workout? Strict pull-ups, deadlifts, rowing followed by a heavy clean AMRAP. I really enjoyed the energy and environment of 18.2, so something with a bit of work then a heavy lift. What workout would you want to avoid? Anything to do with the assault bike – I have yet to learn to like the bike.. Favourite Crossfit Athlete? Matt Fraser & Sara Sigmundsdottir. I love watching Matt Fraser move the barbell and the strength of Sara who weighs about the same as me. Whats the best thing you own that cost under $100? My home-made lego table. Built it from nails and wood from only 8 trips to Bunnings in a weekend. The kids love it. Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made? In my early days I thought two earrings in one ear was cool (a few girls did too), so I rocked a dangly cross, sleepers or studs. It was wild times. Favourite quote? Forever is composed of nows. Whats Your fav 90s jam? Killing in the name - Rage Last thing you watched on TV? Masterchef - I watch the show then make eggs on toast. Funniest thing that happened to you recently? It would have be something to do with the kids; but I cannot think of anything at the moment. Sad I know but i am going to have to say 'pass'. Most used emoji? Whats an emoji? I am still a ‘haha’ guy rather than ‘lol’ in the text messaging. If you could have one other CrossFit Claremont members body part, what would it be? There are so many body parts to choose from but after close examination, I have narrowed it down to two. I can't go past Pete D’Allessandros engine - such a fit guy I see off in the distance and wish I was there with him. And whilst it’s not a body part, I would want a cool nickname like ‘the hurricane’ and all the urban legend stories and rumoured feats of strength that go with it. So, pretty simple - a strong engine and cool nickname.


In Pairs for time: 30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 40 Dumbbnell Box Step Overs 22.5/15kg 24/20" 50 Calorie Row 60 Toes to Rings 50 Calorie Row 40 Dumbbell Box Step Overs 22.5/15kg 24/20" 30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use CFC123 to join.

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