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Friday 02.03.18 - Member of the Month 2/2: Dan Moss

When, how and why did you get started with us?

It was the end of 2014 when I finally decided that being 40 years old and that smoking 20 ciggies a day, drinking beer every night and getting fat wasn’t what I wanted from life - I started looking for a fitness outlet where I’d really be challenged but that wasn’t repetitive. I’d heard about CrossFit from a German friend of Theresa’s who coaches in Dubai but I didn’t really know what it was - I actually thought it was mostly tyre-flipping with a few box jumps - but I wanted to give it a go despite my work colleagues calling it (and me) derogatory names. Theresa’s friend Martin looked up the Nedlands gym and recommended it.

I had my last Christmas of drinking and smoking and then did my first class at Nedlands (lucky I did as we lived in Scarborough and I almost went to Osborne Park!) in early January 2015 and I loved it straight away. CrossFIt was exactly what I was looking for! Even though I was horribly unfit and couldn’t do anything remotely gymnastics or weightlifting related I was immediately hooked - and quit smoking at the same time…I haven’t had a ciggie since! Still haven’t flipped a tyre!

Without overstating it at all - coming to CrossFit Claremont was a completely life-changing decision that I made. And I love that I finally had the guts to make it.

What would be your dream workout?

Lots of rowing, couple of wall-balls and then some bike…followed immediately by 20 or 30 leisurely minutes to find a heavy power clean.

What workout would you want to avoid?

Even though it was nearly two years ago, to this day, 16.5 (Thrusters and bar-facing burpees) is the most horrible workout I’ve ever done - and not just because Lingee screamed at me the whole way. It made me seriously question a number of life choices. I would avoid doing that again.

Favourite Crossfit Athlete?

Four way tie between Kimmy Hall, Chris Loftus, Big Rob and Tia-Clair Toomey. But if someone held a gun to my head and made me choose I’d say Big Rob. Love his determination.

Whats the best thing you own that cost under $100? (Doesn’t need to be CrossFit related).

Really enjoying my magic trigger point ball at the moment ($40 from Rebel Sports). It's doing wonders for my dodgy back.

Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made?

This would have to be close [photo below]

Favourite quote?

"Don’t believe everything you think.”

Whats Your fav 90s jam?

“Come as you are” - Nirvana. Love the 90s Seattle grunge stuff (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots etc). In fact, in the 90s, I tried to learn the guitar so I could join a grunge band…but I realised pretty quickly I was terrible at music. So I became a drummer.

Last thing you watched on TV?

The Winter Olympics. I love becoming an ice-skating, skiing and curling expert for two weeks every four years even though I grew up at sea level and saw snow for the first time in my 20s.

Funniest thing that happened to you recently?

Watching my good mate (and fellow Masters athlete) Paul Watts at All-Stars in Sydney smash though an amazing first set of 21 synchro Thrusters (with Siobhan DB) only to drop the bar for a little rest on rep 20…love ya mate!

Most used emoji?

Probably the poo emoji…or the tongue out one eye-closed winky faced one. You know the one!

If you could have one other CrossFit Claremont members body part, what would it be?

It would be a close call between Paul Watts’ calves (so luscious), Duncan Lane’s thighs (if those were really his thighs in his recent insta-story), Kat’s abs, Siobhane B’s bottom, Kim’s ability to slow down on the rower when she is going too fast, Liz B’s gas, Chris Loftus’ boyish good looks, Mitch Bell’s killer sense of humour and Nass’ hair. In fact, if you could put them all together you would have the perfect CrossFitter.


Long weekend hours: Sunday: Gym Closed Monday: 8am WOD and 9am Open attempts. (Must be registered for the Open to do this. Please put your name down on the heat sheet at the front counter too).


We hate to nag but there are a few little housekeeping issues. First and most importantly if you get blood on a Barbell, Bar or anything it's a non negotiable you clean it up. There are disinfectant wipes that always sit to the left of the whiteboard. This goes without saying. We also are more then happy for people to use the kitchen area, microwave and utensils. Please after use of anything clean it up and put it away. My wife already makes me do all the washing up at home, I don't want to clean up your mess too. In teams of 3: 20 Min AMRAP 12/9 Calorie Bike 8 Burpees 4 Clean and Jerks 50/35kg *Alternate partner each round **After 6 Rounds add 10/5kg Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use CFC123 to join.

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