• Jason

Thursday 08.02.18

During Open Gym on Sunday the clock remote went missing, if you were in and saw it / accidentally took it can you please let us know.


Tonights Movement and Mobility class is SkiErg technique and Ankle and Foot Flexibility and care. The foot is the start of any lower body movement, if there is an issue there it will be effecting the rest of the body. A huge amount of people's limiting factor in their squat is foot flexibility. A. E3MOMx3: 15m DB Walking Lunges B. For time: 40/30 Calorie Bike 30m Walking Lunge 22.5/15kg 30/25 Calorie Row 30m Walking Lunge 22.5/15kg 20/15 Calorie Bike Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use code CFC123 to join.

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