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Monday 05.02.18

The next month of action is up on the calendar. There is heaps on - get around it! We are putting a lot of effort into the Movement and Mobility class to provide something that can help you recover and learn how to safeguard your body. Check out what's coming up and get to the nights that you need. If you interested in doing a Weightlifting meet too, there is one coming up in late February that we will be going to.


A. 1RM Push Press B. 15 Min AMRAP 60 Double Unders

30/21 Calorie Row 10 Power Snatches 50/35kg Compare to 27/11/17 Sweat: Mikko Triangle 10 Rounds for Reps: 1 Minute Airbike Calories 1 Minute Row Calories 1 Minute SkeErg Calories 1 Minute Rest *Try to hold the same number for the whole workout. Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use code CFC123 to join.

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