Thursday 04.01.18 - Member of the Month: Paul Watts

Joint winner of the Community Award, it's easy to see why as he always has a beaming smile and is the first one to welcome you. He loves a heavy squat, here's a little more about Paul... When, how and why did you get started with us? September 2015 from memory. After 21 years of competitive cycling i needed a new challenge and focus, so was persuaded by my wife, Kate, to come along to Crossfit. Best thing i ever did. What would be your dream workout? 12 Days of Crossfit at Christmas is always my favourite workout of the year, but anything with heavy squats. What workout would you want to avoid? Anything with Double Unders. 3 and a half years into Crossfit, I’m still no closer to getting this movement. Favourite Crossfit Athlete? Josh Bridges and Sarah Sigmundsdottir Whats the best thing you own that cost under $100? RooGrips - Thanks for the recommendation Jase! Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made? At the Gym? Those multi coloured Reebok shorts……Away from the gym? Cycling lycra. Favourite quote? Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, Not a punishment for what you ate. - Jason Walker (ed. I didn't make it up, I stole it from RomWod :) ) Whats Your fav 90s jam? Pearl Jam - Even Flow. Last thing you watched on TV? Game of Thrones Season 7 Funniest thing that happened to you recently? CFC Christmas Party Beer Mile - not being the first to puke! Most used emoji? (Laughing face that's crying, dunno why it won't post). If you could have one other CrossFit Claremont members body part, what would it be? Jason’s engine, but he’s Coach so doesn't count……Damo Buckley's shoulders - Strong and good at carrying me in Team events!


In Pairs: 25 Min AMRAP 300m Run (together) 30 Calorie Row 30 Push Ups 3 Rope Climbs (each) 30 Dead Ball Slams 20/15kg 30 Calorie Bike 30 True Ring Rows Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use code CFC123 to join.

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